15 September 2006

So what? That kid probably had it coming

I just found this gem and had to share it. My favorite line from this article is definitely this one: "Reese's father, Keith Sr., testified that Downs acknowledged after the game that he did something 'ignorant' and confessed to the deed. When Downs called the elder Reese a liar during his testimony Wednesday, Reese shouted back 'You're a liar,' prompting the judge to restore order." All I can think about is the Adam Sandler movie (can't think of the title, please post answer in comments) where he says "Your ah liyah!" Extra points for actually paying the kid $25 to hit the retard. Great stuff. In other news, Arnold takes this as a sign and starts a war on mental disabilities with his new plan (pictured below)

Arnolds plan to save the gene pool... fuck, I'm going to hell. I've got to be pushing
the envelope a little too far here.