22 April 2008


DFIG reader Jeff asked us to post this:

I've talked to several people at IPTAY, the Athletic Department, and various other Clemson organizations, and have gotten alot of support for this...

Idea: A billboard in downtown Atlanta that proudly exalts the Tigers upcoming game in the dome against Alabama. The spot is I-20 and Memorial Avenue near the Capitol. The money needed is $13,000 for both sides of the billboard for 4 months, plus installation and the vinyl. If anyone is interested in donating or pledging or just wants more info, please send me an email at russellmarkmillerjr@yahoo.com

If 500 people on this board gave $10, there's $5,000 right there, so don't think you can't contribute. I barely make any money and can't really afford to donate alot, but every little bit helps.

The billboard is reserved for us and is just waiting for the initial $4,000 payment for it to go up. Go Tigers!

-Mark Miller
c/o 2006

PS: I'm not asking for checks or $$$ right now, just asking for "pledges" to see if we can do this! Thanks to those who have said they'd give...can yall send me an email just saying a ballpark amount you'd feel comfortable giving, so that I can have some idea of the total attained/needed?


Jam goes on english muffins.
This is a TOAST bed, motherfucker.

21 April 2008


This season's Orange and White game was pretty interesting. I didn't go to last years game, but it's good to see that it's no longer just first stringers vs the rest of the depth chart. It's good to see they might actually try and start selling (in an promotional sense, not monetary) this game and get people to come out. They actually tried to distribute the talent around on both teams. I'm not going to go through stats and such, so you might want to check out the Clemson Athletic Department article.

Some reactions that I felt necessary to be covered after stewing on them for a week:

- Our depth on offensive line is crap, but to their credit they're really young and inexperienced. I think our first stringers did well, but they really need to work hard this off season and get on the same page.

- To be brutally honest, Willy Korn is starting to show that he's getting antsy in the pocket. I think that there might be a conflict of interest where Willy wants to run but the coaches don't want him to. I say, let him go with his instincts. The kid practically shit out state championship rings in high school, so let him do what he needs to do to win. If that involves playing chicken with a freight train on the other side of the ball, then so be it.

- Our defensive line is seriously the meat and cheese of our defense and I love it. Chris Rumph has done an excellent job here at Clemson and I hope that we can realize this and keep him around when other schools come waiving checks at him like the stockbrokers from Trading Places.

A brief look into the future. Here we see a few ADs from other schools vying to get Chris Rumph on the phone.

- Aaron Kelly is just great. I feel as if I could throw babies continually at him when he isn't paying attention and he could swaddle, feed, and put each one to sleep before I had the chance to reload.

Don't worry, he does this all the time (Chilishop)

- After spending hours upon hours going over spring game film and slaughtering a baby lamb on my Clemson football alter at home, I liquidated all of my assets sans car and house and put everything on Clemson to win THE BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT YEAR. ALL THE WAY BABY! WHOOOOOOOO! WE'RE GOING TO MUSH FACE OTHER TEAMS ON OUR WAY TO THE CRYSTAL BALL, BABY! YYYYEEEAAAAHH!!!! YYAAARRRGGGHHH!!! No seriously, I'd be elated with a ten win season and/or an ACC championship bid next year. Of course, come November I'll probably be singing the tune of "Fire Bowden" for getting to and losing the ACCCG next year.

13 April 2008


Besides the baseball team getting swept (we totally suck now... I can't believe I actually thought we were going to be awesome) and the rain and lighting cutting Eddie Money's set to about 8 minutes the entire event was awesome. Here are a few clips of the first night. Wyclef Jean absolutely rocked. I got to meet him at the meet and greet and he was pretty cool, as were the Wailers.

Wyclef had an amazing set.

Don't necessarily agree with his presidential views, but at least he did some old school stuff too.

The Wailers (Bob Marley's former band) had an awesome set too.

The Movement had some pretty good stuff as well.

If any of you guys have any pictures or videos from the weekend that you would like to share you can send them to use via the feedback email and we'll put them up. Also, if you went, let us know what you thought about the event in the comments section.

10 April 2008


If you haven't heard about Solid Orange Weekend then [insert hilarious yet subtly quirky "out of radio contact" remark here]. Clemson's new found call to the motherland for pilgrimage has been issued. Thankfully, you have me to guide you through the key points of the weekend that would interest your average DFIG reader.

One of the main pulls is the home series against the #4 ranked UNC Tarheels baseball team this weekend. As of late, our boys on the diamond have had a rough go of things and pulling some wins out this weekend could be really exciting. Freshmen students can check out free giveaways on Friday at the lawn at Littlejohn before the game.

Of course there is the annual Spring Game. Last weeks scrimmage was apparently shit, so let's hope that our guys come ready to show off. The game is scheduled to start at 1pm. No idea if they're still having the equipment sales beforehand as they have in years past. I have no idea how the parking is going to go seeing as this is the first year they've had the Solid Orange Live. In years past, Chili and I have been able to roll up and easily find an orange spot directly in front of the hill, tailgate, and then walk right in that gate. As I say again, I don't know how parking is going to go now and also I don't know how cool the cops will be this year with drinking on the streets but if I had to guess they'll probably be pretty lax. Here's a handy parking site from the CUAD or check out a map below.

Click to enlarge

For those of you with kids you might want to check out the field day to be held on the lawn at Littlejohn from 10am till the spring game starts. Info can be found here. Also, I think there might be a carnival on the old practice soccer fields (now known as the parking field in the middle of Littlejohn, Fike, and Death Valley) in town so look for that. Don't quote me on that last one but I think it's in the cards. If it is happening, look for it to be going on all weekend. As cheezy as it sounds, it's insanely fun to experience one while hammered. No peer pressure, but I'm just saying. It's as fun as you make it.

As Chili mentioned earlier, the Sons of Clemson game will be held before the spring game and it marks yet another day that Danny steps foot on Frank Howard field. Here is some CUAD approved literature on the game with info.

I'm more than sure the Esso as well as many of the fine establishments downtown will be open before, during, and after the spring game. Personally I'm going to shoot for TTT's Upstairs because I like to drink PBR, watch grainy satellite feeds of random sports, inhale moldy Winston smoke, and have good ol' boys give me seething "Eat shit and die" looks for invading their private territory.

Also, if a few of you are planning on going to the ticket office to bitch about seat equity please do me two favors: 1) Just don't do it. This is the way most college football programs are run (which is the way it should be). The people who pay and donate more money get better parking and better seats; 2) At least be nice to the people behind the counter... they have souls too, even if they don't show it at work. Otherwise go sit on a rusty nail, pal.

For those of you with Facebook, you can check out the nifty and easy to navigate Solid Orange Live group.

Lastly, there are some pretty awesome acts playing on Friday (alternative and rock) and Saturday (country music) nights. Below is a list of some of the performers. Personally I'd like to check out the Wailers, Eddie Money, and Wyclef Jean. You can find schedules in that first link at the top or on the Facebook group page. Also, $35 for the regular crowd, $25 for student with CUID. Expect to pay a $2 handling fee at the gate if you don't pre-order. Pretty neat all in all in that since Freedom Weekend Aloft left Anderson, Clemson can step up and hit one out of the park.

UPDATE (04/11/08): If you're a commuter student that parks and takes the bus, don't even bother coming to class today. Just take the day off and start your weekend early. Parking and bus routes are beyond screwed. Near Death Valley is figuratively a ground zero for commuter students today.

09 April 2008


Although maybe not in the form some people have been hoping for...

Coach Ford will head up one of the two teams that will compete in the Clemson Sons Bowl prior to the Orange and White game. Brian Dawkins and Charlie Whitehurst will be his assistant coaches while Jeff Bostic, Homer Jordan, and Michael Dean Perry head up the other team.

The full rosters are as follows, per Scout.

White Team Numerical Roster
No Name Pos Years Hometown
1 Woody Dantzler QB 1998-01 Orangeburg, SC
1 Randy Anderson QB 1984-87 Spartanburg, SC
1 Donnie Jewell PK 1991-93 Concord, NC
10 Michael Allen DB 1995-98 Conway, SC
11 Tribble Reese QB 2005-07 Mountain Brook, AL
12 Jeff Scott WR 2000-02 Columbia, SC
21 Henry Guess WR 1992-95 Cordova, SC
31 David Dunham LB 2002-05 Lake City, FL
32 Mitch Belton CB 1988-90 Columbia, SC
33 Tony DeSue RB 1993-96 Virginia Beach, VA
34 Mike Samnik TE 1988-91 Clearwater, FL
35 Tony Kennedy FB 1988-91 Elizabeth, NJ
37 Kevin Laird P 1995-98 Brandon, MS
42 Altroy Bodrick LB 1998-02 Cameron, SC
46 Chad Carson LB 1998-01 Newnan, GA
49 Jamie Pleasant DB 1987-90 Sumter, SC
56 Jason Fendley OL 1990-93 Westminster, SC
78 Alex Dial OL 1990-92 Columbia, SC
81 Jason Davis WR 1990-93 Pensacola, FL
93 Carlos Curry DL 1992-95 Decatur, GA
Coaching Staff: Jeff Bostic, Homer Jordan, Michael Dean Perry

Orange Team Numerical Roster
No Name Pos Years Hometown
1 Chad Jasmin FB 2000-03 Vecherie, LA
3 Patrick Sapp QB 1992-95 Jacksonville, FL
7 Tony Horne WR 1994-97 Rockingham, NC
18 Chuck Lynch P 1990-91 Wyndmoor, PA
18 Fletcher Anderson PK 2000-03 Columbia, SC
23 Rod Gardner WR 1997-00 Jacksonville, FL
24 Chris Hart DB 1986-89 Miami, FL
27 Kevin Johnson CB 2000-02 Orangeburg, SC
27 James Trapp SS 1989-92 Lawton, OK
29 David Richardson PK 1996-98 Clemson, SC
44 Levon Kirkland OLB 1988-91 Lamar, SC
44 Jason Greene DL 1998-00 Loris, SC
53 Tommy Sharpe C 2001-04 Albany, GA
54 Geoff Rigsby SN 2002-04 Greer, SC
56 Tim Jones LB 1991-94 Rock Hill, SC
60 Jeff Taylor BAN 1987-89 Seneca, SC
67 Josh Smith DL 2001-03 Easley, SC
83 Stephon Wynn TE 1991-94 Winnsboro, SC
86 Trey Howell WR 1986-88 Sumter, SC
99 Lamarick Simpson DL 1992-95 Rock Hill, SC
Coaching Staff: Danny Ford, Brian Dawkins, Charlie Whitehurst

Also, just because:

I don't know man.

08 April 2008


Coach Purnell has denied any speculation that he would entertain an offer for the LSU head coaching job, stating that he has "long range goals for this Clemson program. We just announced a contract extension three weeks ago and I am happy here."


Perhaps it is a sign of progress in the Clemson basketball program that the Tigers are about to beat out Florida, Georgetown, and UCLA for one of the top basketball prospects in the 2009 class. Milton Jennings, of Pinewood Prep in Summerville, is on the verge of announcing he'll be a Tiger.


According to this article in the Seattle Times, Oliver Purnell is believed to be LSU's prime target for their vacant head coaching position. Joe Alleva just left the AD spot at Duke to take the same spot at LSU (great pickup, take the guy who massacred the lacrosse scandal and let football absolutely flounder) so there are already some ACC ties there. I'm not clear whether Purnell has signed his contract extension with Clemson yet. Could be interesting, but I hope we hang on to OP.


It's just like regular football, but sloppier and with better weather.

The search for a new left tackle is on. Junior Corey Lambert and senior Jock McKissic are currently battling it out, but as this article states, heralded freshman Antoine McLain is waiting in the wings to take the spot.

The o-line struggled in the last scrimmage after a successful initial drive. In my experience watching Clemson scrimmages, you can't really gauge offensive efficiency as well as you might want to based on how they do against their own defense. Defense has long dominated Clemson scrimmages, and this season has been no different. Still, the o-line is going to be the lynchpin of a successful 08 campaign, with our linebackers being another important factor.

GoUpstate.com has a great piece on the many setbacks and successes of Stanley Hunter, the former Byrnes Rebel who has battled adversity to gain a foothold with the Tigers.

Apparently Willy Korn is enjoying his time out of the spotlight. Sure he is... sure he is.

Tommy Bowden fucking LOVES baseball. And tights. And Kyle Parker. "I've watched him practice and I've watched him play," Bowden said in an interview with CUTigers.com.

"He's really good looking. If I was a girl, I'd be very interested in him. He wears those tight pants. When you wear loose stuff, you can't tell the definition of a guy's body. In baseball, everything's tight and you can tell he's very well put together."

Willy Korn has been seen strutting around in denim shorts and a half-top outside of Bowden's office window in an attempt to sure up a roster spot.

03 April 2008

02 April 2008


Ah, reminiscing about things that happened before I was born.