22 April 2008


DFIG reader Jeff asked us to post this:

I've talked to several people at IPTAY, the Athletic Department, and various other Clemson organizations, and have gotten alot of support for this...

Idea: A billboard in downtown Atlanta that proudly exalts the Tigers upcoming game in the dome against Alabama. The spot is I-20 and Memorial Avenue near the Capitol. The money needed is $13,000 for both sides of the billboard for 4 months, plus installation and the vinyl. If anyone is interested in donating or pledging or just wants more info, please send me an email at russellmarkmillerjr@yahoo.com

If 500 people on this board gave $10, there's $5,000 right there, so don't think you can't contribute. I barely make any money and can't really afford to donate alot, but every little bit helps.

The billboard is reserved for us and is just waiting for the initial $4,000 payment for it to go up. Go Tigers!

-Mark Miller
c/o 2006

PS: I'm not asking for checks or $$$ right now, just asking for "pledges" to see if we can do this! Thanks to those who have said they'd give...can yall send me an email just saying a ballpark amount you'd feel comfortable giving, so that I can have some idea of the total attained/needed?