21 April 2008


This season's Orange and White game was pretty interesting. I didn't go to last years game, but it's good to see that it's no longer just first stringers vs the rest of the depth chart. It's good to see they might actually try and start selling (in an promotional sense, not monetary) this game and get people to come out. They actually tried to distribute the talent around on both teams. I'm not going to go through stats and such, so you might want to check out the Clemson Athletic Department article.

Some reactions that I felt necessary to be covered after stewing on them for a week:

- Our depth on offensive line is crap, but to their credit they're really young and inexperienced. I think our first stringers did well, but they really need to work hard this off season and get on the same page.

- To be brutally honest, Willy Korn is starting to show that he's getting antsy in the pocket. I think that there might be a conflict of interest where Willy wants to run but the coaches don't want him to. I say, let him go with his instincts. The kid practically shit out state championship rings in high school, so let him do what he needs to do to win. If that involves playing chicken with a freight train on the other side of the ball, then so be it.

- Our defensive line is seriously the meat and cheese of our defense and I love it. Chris Rumph has done an excellent job here at Clemson and I hope that we can realize this and keep him around when other schools come waiving checks at him like the stockbrokers from Trading Places.

A brief look into the future. Here we see a few ADs from other schools vying to get Chris Rumph on the phone.

- Aaron Kelly is just great. I feel as if I could throw babies continually at him when he isn't paying attention and he could swaddle, feed, and put each one to sleep before I had the chance to reload.

Don't worry, he does this all the time (Chilishop)

- After spending hours upon hours going over spring game film and slaughtering a baby lamb on my Clemson football alter at home, I liquidated all of my assets sans car and house and put everything on Clemson to win THE BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT YEAR. ALL THE WAY BABY! WHOOOOOOOO! WE'RE GOING TO MUSH FACE OTHER TEAMS ON OUR WAY TO THE CRYSTAL BALL, BABY! YYYYEEEAAAAHH!!!! YYAAARRRGGGHHH!!! No seriously, I'd be elated with a ten win season and/or an ACC championship bid next year. Of course, come November I'll probably be singing the tune of "Fire Bowden" for getting to and losing the ACCCG next year.