02 February 2008



- The Tiger baseball team is ranked 23rd in the Baseball America Poll and 16th in the Sports Weekly Coaches Poll. God, February 22nd can't get here fast enough. This should be a good year of baseball after last years semi let down. What I'm not looking forward to is the effect skipping all those classes to go drink beer in the outfield is going to have on my grades. How many times have you parked in Lot 5 and just said "Screw it, it's too nice out to waste today inside in some boring class," then wandered over to Doug Kingsmore Stadium?

- The basketball team is well into the patented "Clemson Rollercoaster Mode" as they have gone 3-4 since the semester started back. A brief injuries run down: Trevor Booker is questionable to start; Stitt is out for at least two weeks; Mays is still banged up but will play. Today's Boston College game is sold out and if you're a student at Clemson I strongly encourage you to put your ass in seat at Littlejohn for that one. WCCP FM will be broadcasting the game for free. Check out that link for their internet broadcast. Clemson has boosted their free throw percentage to 63% overall with a 75% (15-20) at the Miami game. Let's hope this is an upward trend. Also, we face Boston College guard (I think?) Tyrese Rice who has a 22 point average per game.

A depleted Tiger basketball team faces a tough challenge in BC's Tyrese Rice


Moe Joe Coffee Company - Run by a former Clemson football player and graduate, Moe Joe is the only true local coffee place out of a handful that have popped up in Clemson. You've got the national Starbuck's, that crap store in Bilo that I can't even pronounce, Spill the Beans which started in Greenville, and Jittery Joes, a UGA based company. I can vouch that it's some of the better coffee in town. Oh yeah, the fact that they have great food and, oh yeah, my favorite, a good selection of premium cigars. Just do me a favor and buy local because not only is it a quality product but I'm just sick and tired of seeing national chains come into Clemson and force local businesses into closing down.