21 February 2008


This year's new spring football league (competing with the Arena League) just had their draft recently and some of our guys made it. Nathan Bennett (T) and Roman Fry (G) landed with the Alabama team, Tennessee got Woody Dantzler (QB), William Henry (T), and Reggie Merriweather (RB), and lastly Kevin Youngblood (WR) gets to play on Ford Field for the Michigan team.

This is the first spring league for football that I can actually see garnering some attention as it's kinda set up as a minor league system for the NFL. The basic premise is that all players have to be college graduates. Each team will just be called Team Alabama, Team Texas, etc. The corresponding teams will play in major college or professional venues in their respective states (Team Tennessee plays in Neyland, Team Michigan plays at Ford Field in Detroit). Lastly, teams will feature players that played for in state colleges with some non-regional players on the roster. Plans for an Indiana team out of Purdue and a North Carolina team out of Raleigh are in the works for 2009 if the league doesn't fold. I hope they don't try to lump us in with North Carolina cause I can't stand that they did that with the Carolina Panthers.