27 February 2008


Jersey: awesome, color coordinated Zubaz: EXTREME.

ZUBAZ!!!!! ZUBAZ!!!!!

THEY'RE BACK! The most EXTREME pants you can slip your legs into (unless Levi's makes a pair of jeans out of TERIYAKI BEEF JERKY covered in FLAME DECALS) are back from the 80s!

Now I'm sure you're all with me, but I've been writing letters to Zubaz literally each and every day since they went off the market DEMANDING they start up production again. Well, apparently my letters weren't ALL returned to sender, because the Zubaz machine is back in gear. TITS.

My bad for not including more KORN news in this EKR, but we'll be on the scene when (IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME) Zubaz makes a pair in ORANGE and PURPLE and sends the first pair to MISTER KORN.

Get your ZUBAZ here! Tell them you want a new variety in ORANGE AND PURPLE! WHOOOO!!!