06 February 2008


UNBELIEVABLE. According to ESPN, Clemson's recruiting class is ranked second in the nation behind Miami. Florida, Alabama, and Georgia round out the rest of the top five. So far our buddy Jeff Merritt was correct with his predictions of getting two out of three of the final major recruits in Jamie Harper and Antoine McClain. Jerrell Harris made the expected choice and went to Alabama. Surprisingly, we stole Under Armour All-American Tight End Dwayne Allen from Georgia. This is definitely one of the best recruiting classes Clemson has put together during the post-Ford era and unfortunately for you Bowden haters, you have to give it up to Tommy and his staff. In all we have 10 recruits that are in the ESPN 150. Also seven recruits are ranked in the top five of their respective positions. This looks to be a great haul for us. Check out the complete signings a la ESPN.

Jamie Harper: Cookie cutter running back from the smash mouth mold.