13 September 2006


Gamecock quarterback and alleged fetal-alcohol-syndrome sufferer Blake Mitchell has played tough guy one too many times at Columbia's Pavlov's bar in Five Points. Staffers had reported in the past that he had, multiple times, removed his shirt (no word as to whether or not it was a tall tee) and tried to start fights in the bar. Apparently last night he got into it with a bouncer and has now turned himself into the police, a move that has become more regular for Gamecock players than winning. Somewhere, Pitchfork Ben Tillman is smiling. And being a blatant old racist.
More as the story develops. Or fizzles away and ends with a three game suspension.
To explain the Ben Tillman curse, here is a C&P from an old Page 2 mailbag writer:
the Chicken Curse, which was put upon USC by Clemson's Ben "Pitchfork" Tillman, because the Legislature of South Carolina didn't want Clemson to exist. Tillman and Thomas Greene Clemson (among others) fought tooth and nail to create a land grant institution for the state's poor farmers. Because of Tillman's frustration over the Legislature's snub, he slammed a pitchfork into the ground of South Carolina's campus and declared them "cursed."