11 September 2006

My experience at the BC Game

Tiger faithful on the train ride to the BC campus

Wow, of all the places I NEVER want to go again it would have to be “Alumni (Insert lack of school tradition here) Stadium”. It was a quant little stadium that couldn’t even hold a flame to Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium. That’s not saying much at all. Some things I took away from the Boston College experience:

- The only real fan support they had all game was from the student section, which was shut up time and time again by our explosive offense. I found it kind of funny that the Clemson sections, which were less than half the size of their student section AND comprised of old IPTAY fogeys, were actually louder than their student section at points.

- The overbearing presence of white kids trying to act black was hilarious. Their thick “Bahstan” accents matched with their “Wikkid auhsam”-ness and their pencil-thin chinstrap beards, fake diamond earrings, etc. made me want to Ghost Ride a whip down fraternity row.

- Their student section had to be one of the worst and rudest I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been to USC, UGA, and FSU, and from experience I can tell you it was terrible. Also, I was told by one of their students before the game that it was going be a loud game. I responded to him that we broke the sound record last year against Miami and his jaw dropped. Case closed.

- BC has to be one of the most undeserving fan bases. Every Bostonian that I met that wasn’t a BC fan wished us luck. The reason for this being, we learned later, is that everyone in Boston “Hates BC fans because they’re all immature pricks.” Boston is a great city with very friendly people (aside from BC fans) and I would love to return to the city and spend at least a week there.

- The Cape Cod and surrounding area/tourist trap/Kennedy haven deserves its own biting post, look for that one later.

- BC students are not only wishfully thinking if they think they are going to make it to the championship by continually getting lucky, they are also as ghey as this video.

- CJ Spiller made their defense look like it signed a contract with Nike to play in concrete shoes. I’m excited to see what else he can do if he can just hold onto the football! James Davis is a badass and Reggie Merriweather deserves more carries (preferably 22/23 whams)

- The Clemson defense needs to hang out with Three 6 Mafia before every game. Weed smoke aside, they’d be crunker than limits will allow. Clemson D is definitely a bunch of bitches right now. Arm tackles, no sacks, and no hard hits of recent years. Waters, Billie, Ty Hill, and most importantly FUDGE are the most missed parts of equation from last year. Duane Coleman seems to be the only person on the Clemson defense that seems like they want to be out there.

- Tommy Bowden needs to stop playing for overtime. The whole overtime thing hasn’t worked out for us lately. He needs to instill the mindset in his players that we need to go out every game and be the scariest and meanest people on the college football landscape. We need to be the type of team that loves to stomp mud holes in people, and then walk them dry. Where is the old Clemson swagger from the end of last year??? It obviously didn’t carry over in the off season.

I’m spent. Simmer on that, look for my experiences with Cape Cop tomorrow. I’m sending out an email to the big wigs in both school’s academic and athletic areas as well as some Boston and Clemson media types on the behavior of the Boston College fans. I know it sounds gay, but you’ve got to hear me out. That straight up ruined my trip and I did everything I could to not haul off and level one of those skinny Yankee punks. If you would like a carbon copy or would like me to post it on the blog, let me know. Also, if you want any of the emails, drop me a line.