09 September 2006


While Willy Mac is away I'm trying to post as much shit as possible. Or I'm just trying to exercise the demons of spending the evening meeting a friend at Turner Field for the Braves game. You know, it's great when your friend invites you to a Braves game with her brother and his girlfriend, but not so great when you get there and they are all hammered drunk. Not only had they started before I got there, they fuckin finished before I got there too. I was in the stadium long enough for a beer and a brat, then I was the first one takin the ol Hank Aaron Blvd. to 85-N back to Buckhead.
Anyway, back to Clemson related info. Here's a great photo from Boston this weekend, just to prove to you how many Clemson fans have swarmed Beantown (that's the hip nickname to call Boston, from what I hear). The Red Sox welcomed their orange clad brothers:

In related Clemson-BC news, word is out that yet another team (I'm looking at you, Maryland) will be ripping us off (Hoo hoo, Robin) and rubbing an object as they take the field. TOB says BC will rub an eagle as they take the field. No word as to whether USC plans on rubbing a giant cock as they take the field amid the fire extenguisher exhaust and Kubrick music. Thinking about that lame of a bush league style entrance makes me sad. So here's a picture that makes me happy.

Mmmm.... Texas cheerleaders.
Here's hoping Clemson picks up the win tomorrow! Jagshemash!