08 September 2006


Clemson travels to Beantown to face O'Brien and his Eagles this weekend, 3:30 on ABC. While our friend Willy Mac will be at the game, probably in the front row, hammered drunk, the rest of us will just have to watch it on TV. Each team's first game didn't really provide definitive answers. Clemson blew out one of the worst teams in college football not called the Blue Devils and BC struggled at Western Michigan. The line on the game is Clemson -2.5 but I feel that BC won't be able to stop the three headed Cerebus of Merriweather, Davis, and Spiller running behind a line trying to make up for a sub par performance versus FAU. Look for BC to put 8 men in the box (hehe) and try and stuff the running game. Proctor will take to the air and will have to prove he's ready for primetime. This could present some problems, but with a receiving core featuring Ford, Taylor, and Stuckey we should be able to spread things out. Our defense is missing some weapons with Billie and Waters gone, and BC should exploit this and kidney punch us with more short passes to tight ends like last year. Spence will look to atone for last year's ultraconservative effort and may overextend the Tigers.
Chili's prediction: 24-17 Protestants
Willy Mac's prediction: 34-14 Taters

Matt Ryan had a stout game last weekend, but if he plays any this week I would be willing to bet that once Gaines & Co. start getting in his grill he'll have 'Nam style flashbacks of David Dunham and his reaction will probably be akin to this:

Looks like it's partly cloudy with a chance of AIDS.