09 September 2006


Bubble screens, problems with special teams, close loses, and a defense that surrenders 3 or 4 yards a clip. Is this 2006 or any of the past 3 or 4 years?
Clemson 33, Jesuits 34. Fucknuggets. The Boston College game just ended and with it go most of Clemson's hopes of winning the Atlantic Division of the ACC. It was a tough end and a tough pill to swallow as a whole. There were so many positives and negatives in the game. Immediately after the game may not be the best time to analyze everything, but I'm going to have to do what I do when Clemson loses and just hibernate for a day or two away from any mention of the game. Following this 'dead zone' I then read up all I can on the game.


  • Proctor really stepped up and delivered some good passes, scrambling was hit and miss
  • The running game was potent as expected
  • C.J. Spiller had a fantastic 82 yard touchdown run, showing his explosive skill
  • Clemson fans travelled well to the game
  • The o-line looked shaky at times
  • Our defense seemed eerily similar to the Clemson defenses of past who let teams chip 4 yards a play off on them and were vulnerable in the secondary
  • Why did we continue to kick to Smith?
  • The bootleg became neigh ineffective with BC blitzing their uncovered end
All I can say is this team better regroup and buckle up for the game in Tallahassee next weekend. I still think we can win down there but not with the sloppy play we had today, and not with Ron Cherry calling the game.