14 September 2006

Filler Post™

I'll keep it short and simple with a treat at the end. I just wanted to introduce some of our new blog friends from around the nation that we've recently added to our links toolbar to the right.

  • Run Up The Score - A Penn St blogger who shares just as much hate as we do. Gotta love a blogger with a good amount of cringe humor stored up. I also love how we all hate Jenn Sterger and that we can all agree on hating her.
  • The 12th Manchild - A blogger from College Station with a little more common sense than most pundits. This guy is good, give him a look see. I like, so you like... WAWAWEEWA!
  • TigerSmack - An LSU blog with a penchant for discussing Les Miles's hats on Mondays as well as photoshopping lord of the redneck nation that is Tommy Tuberville. Apologies for the heauxmeauxsexual remarks that I made earlier last month.
And yes, I did just pull an Eric Bauman(owner of ebaumsworld.com). I straight up just stole the filler post and took it for my own. Took something that wasn't mine and slapped a brand on it. It turns out that Blake Mitchell might actually start this weekend, just not for the Gamecocks.

Blake, stay away from Cheeseburger Eddy, those things have been in his pants all day long. "I got the shakes that'll make you quake. I got the fries that'll cross your eyes. I got the burgers that'll... I just got burgers."

As promised, here is your treat...

I promise I'll branch out to more than just UT, but dammit they look good.