03 September 2006

The Macallan Standings

The 2006 Macallan standings are out after the first week of action and are as follows:

T1 Chili - 9 wins
T1 Greg - 9 wins
3 Lola - 8 wins
4 Willy Mac - 7 wins

Granted, I'm being beat by a girl, but if she wants to remain in the standings she needs to expedite herself and let us know who she is and where she hails from. Please feel free to pick with us using the "Comments" section at the bottom of the pick em post. There are a few people I'd like to thank, starting with Chan Gailey for being a fuckhead and not throwing it to Calvin Johnson when the game was on the line. I'd also like to thank the mighty Duke for getting shut out by the Richmond Spiders. I'd like to thank Chili for both changing my background to a SCU fan made wallpaper of the Gamecock schedule with inspirational pictures and also for snoring so loudly while crashing on my couch. Lastly, I'd like to thank Cal for not even showing up to Neyland Stadium this past Saturday.

This week's games are as follows:

Clemson @ Boston College
Ohio State @ Texas
Georgia @ South Carolina
Penn State @ Notre Dame
Vanderbilt @ Alabama
Arizona @ LSU
Oregon @ Fresno State
Central Michigan @ Michigan
Oregon State @ Boise State
Washington @ Oklahoma

Do your homework and remember to post your picks in the comment section by Thursday at 3 PM as the Boise State/Oregon State game will be a Thursday night game. That game will be forfeited if your picks are turned in late. A brief reminder, the bottle of Macallan is a bet between Chili and I. We will have another prize for everyone else. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Something worthwile please. Also, DO NOT POST YOUR PICKS ON THIS POST. The pick em post will be up by Wednesday night at the latest. Just keep checking in with us.

P.S. - This is Chili, adding onto the post. PIGGYBACK POST, MUFUCKA. I want to first and foremost thank the Tennessee Volunteers for throatpunching the pussies at Cal and proving that, sans SoCal, the PAC 10 is a joke. Kudos and huzzahs also go out to the fish eating pasty white Notre Dame faithful who swarmed the giant aluminum box that is Georgia Tech's Mahatma Ghandi Memorial Stadium (cricket matches Tuesday/Thursday). ESPN had been puffing up Georgia Tech all week to make it seem respectable when their golden boys at Notre Dame barely beat them and apparently Chan Gailey's "Don't Throw to Calvin Johson Often Enough" technique couldn't quite secure the win. Thanks also to ND for helping me win a five dollar side bet with William Mac. And lastly, thoughts and prayers go to the Duke boys. I know you got shutout by a 1-AA team, but keep on trying friends. I BELIEVE IN YOU.