31 October 2007



Team Fortress 2: I'm a fan of online shooters like Counter Strike: Source so this latest iteration of the Team Fortress series is right up my alley. Unlinke CSS, this game features varying classes with varying abilities, speeds, and health levels. Sit back and blow peoples' heads off as a sniper or run into the fray as the Heavy, pictured below. You could also be an engineer and build gun turrets and teleporters or by a spy and stab people in the freakin' back. Your call. Get the game from Steam, let me know if you do and we can go shoot each other in the face.

Let me show you my chaingun. My chaingun, let me show you it.

American Gangster: I had the opportunity to see this a couple weeks ago and highly recommend it. Hitting theaters tomorrow (for you ham and eggers) is the story of Frank Lucas, played by Denzel Washington, a drug kingpin in Vietnam era Harlem notorious for making his own South Asian heroin connections and shipping the bricks back in the coffins of dead US soldiers. The movie tells of his rise to power and the cop (Russell Crowe) who ultimately brings him to justice. Common and T.I. cameo. Also, Cuba Gooding Jr. has a bit role and it's good to see the worst Oscar winner ever (except for that garbage Robert Redford movie that beat out Goodfellas, but I'm really referring to individuals here) get some work. It's a crime film that is more of a Donnie Brasco than a Goodfellas, but still a must-see.

Willy Mac: I Am Legend - Will Smith stars in yet another sci-fi movie that I think will be one of his best yet. The movie, a film adaptaion of the 1954 Richard Matheson book of the same title, is a look a a post-apocalyptic world with Will Smith as the only living human. The world as we know it is gone and only Smith and an army of zombie/vampire beings are around. It's hard to explain, but just watching the trailer it's gonna be awesome.

I absolutely can't wait for this film to come out. In theaters December 14th.


If you ever want to feel patriotic, or to completely understand the Vietnam conflict, this is the book to read. Five Years to Freedom is Col. James N. Roe's book detailing his five years (yes, five) in captivity in Vietnam. It will really piss you off that we pulled out of Vietnam before the job was finished, and certainly will give you a new perspective on the military and our current political climate.