05 October 2007


The following is a Terry Don Philips statement that he made on the "VT Hill Running"rumor that some goon on Tigernet spread and some other goon furthered on Facebook. It reads verbatim from the article posted on the CUAD website. Finally, the self important retards (I know, but hey, if the King of self important retards is telling you that you have a problem, you might want to get that checked out) on TigerNet have to make up some other rumor to start a small brush fire with.

"We received a plethora of emails and calls this past week concerning information on the Internet that Virginia Tech would be running down The Hill.

Someone even wrote a letter using my name stating as much. I have filed a police report in an effort to determine the source.

For whatever the reason, people often take information that is put forward on the Internet as the truth and give it undue credibility.

In this case, it was no more than bold-faced, outright fraud.

Regarding such issues of volatility, people need to take whatever they see on the internet with a grain of salt.

Anytime there is something on the Internet with some sensitivity, we can expect volumes of emails -- pro or con. However, we can not spend the entire day answering emails.

As a matter of practice, we do review all emails. However, when the volume is high, we simply can not answer each one individually.

If we did something absurd -- like allow another team to run down The Hill -- then people have every right to voice their indignation and outrage. But to do so simply because of the Internet is not prudent nor reasonable.

The bottom line - you can not believe everything you see on the Internet."

In Solid Orange,
Terry Don Phillips
Director Of Athletics

TDP is shocked and infuriated with your internet faggotry, TigerNet.