14 October 2007


This week was a good week, for most in the competition, still Sam holds his commanding lead. All hope is not lost though people, unless you just forget to submit picks for a week. I know things come up, but if you plan to stay in the running, missing even one week might put you completely out of it. That being said, and because we have several players who have failed to submit picks this week, we're instituting a new rule. If you miss more than 2 weeks picks, you're officially disqualified from competition. Tully, after a strong showing at the beginning has been dropped from 2nd to 7th this week, and Brad has all but taken himself out of competition. Most all involved had a strong week picking, still, we wish the best of luck to all in the future. Here's how the standings look this week.

1) Sam +82 (10)
2) Lyrtch +70 (9)
3) Seigler +69 (13)
4) Chili +68 (7)
5) NoleCC +66 (5)
6) Willy Mac +65 (9)
7)Tully +64 (0)
8) Brad +52 (0)

9) Captain DNF