08 October 2007


Yet again another game that we were forced to sit through, this time it was almost too much to bear watching us get blanked in the valley. It reminded me of the days when VT would roll into town and throw 50+ on us. Only thing is back then they had Michael Vick, and they were a national championship contender. I've never wanted to hide under a rock more than at halftime. Here is what I took away from the game:

- He's a good recruiter and I like him as a person. He also has done wonders for our facilities, graduation rate, and reputation. I'm sorry though, Bowden has to go. I don't care what you say, his time is up. He is obviously not the answer for us. He just can't get us over that hump. I can only hope that our Athletic Department realizes this sooner than later and I will wish him luck in his next endeavor when he goes.

- When is Spence going to realize that the Toledo three ring circus just won't work at this level unless you have baller talent, which we don't. Can you imagine the Raiders actually tried to hire him? Imagine how bad this offensive playbook would be in the pros.

-If there is a coaching change, I'd like to see Swinney, Koening, and Napier stay. They've earned their keep.

- I hate it for Cullen Harper, but he wasn't getting the ball to his receivers well enough. This week wasn't so much a problem with the receivers catching the ball. The problem was they had to make highlight reel efforts just to catch passes that should have been gimmes. Also, his arm has to hurt. I don't care how far down we are, you don't throw the ball 65+ times and only run the ball 12 times unless you're Texas Tech.

- This is the first time I've ever seen a score so bad and the defense not be at fault. 10-13 of VT's points were their fault. I'll take that.

- Like Chili stated before the game, I'm done with the season already. It's not that I'm a crazy superfan, it's just I'm tired of the rollercoaster. I want off. I've got motion sickness. Not saying I'm not a fan, or that I won't get excited and participate, I'm just saying I'm taking most of my eggs back out of the Clemson football basket and putting said eggs into a tailgate centric basket. Yet another year that Bowden can't produce or get us over the hump. I don't think that BC is going to lose two games and I don't think we'll beat them head to head. I don't even know if we'd beat Central Michigan right now.

- I'd love to hear Vic Koening behind closed doors. being a fly on the wall for that would be awesome. I bet you he tears up his shirts like Hulk Hogan and bleeds from the ears.

- Which coach do we get from here? And don't say Cowher. He won't ever coach college unless it's at NC State (his alma mater) and that train has left the station. No matter how much money, it ain't gonna happen. I say we pull a decent head coach from the professonial ranks like Southern Cal did.

- EKR to follow.

Bowden's best Souljah Boy impression.