09 October 2007


Along with the normal selection of drivel, we present some posts that are level headed and offer fair assessments of how most fans, including us, feel about the perennial tease that is Clemson football.

Well, uh… yeah.

Yes, let’s go with either 1) a guy who has spent his lifetime on the west coast with zero familiarity with the Southern recruiting trail and no desire to leave the Pac-10 or 2) the guy who is successfully coaching at his alma mater with 0 restrictions on recruiting idiots or criminals, he’s sure to want to jump ship to come to Clemson and have his hands tied.

Actually, I’d rather not have to read these stupid fucking questions. Why don’t you make one of those folded paper fortune tellers like all the other middle school girls?

Sometimes I wish I could be this full of hope, bathed in the bliss of ignorance. When I read this post I just pictured the scene from Reservoir Dogs where Harvey Keitel keeps telling the shot up, bloody, and dying Mr. Orange “You’re gonna be okaaaaaay! Say it! You’re not gonna fuckin’ die!” Keep holding out hope, Mr. White.

How retarded are you to type this much drivel and not realize at least a couple sentences in that it is unadulterated garbage? No, no, I’m not talking about DSOT, I mean this post.

Yeah! There’s no way the HEAD COACH can be responsible for special teams, it’s just 1/3rd of the damned gameplan, not a big deal. He’ll fix everything in the off season, just like he did between last year and this one…. oh… wait. Also, you love him? Dude.

Blah, blah, I’m old. Queue the old “We don’t need games to get drunk” line.

Come to think of it, the two guys have a lot in common.

I don’t know, the guy did coach WILLY KORN, this poster might be on to something.

Basically, for Bowden to stay, most people want him to win out, make them breakfast for a week, and give them a homemade coupon book for massages and chores around the house, fair trade I think.

My friend Biff once told me about a kid he met while counseling at summer camp who told him “Everything Kenny Loggins touches is gold.” Such knowledge and insight from children is always startling and heartwarming to hear.

The following posts are how most Clemson fans are feeling.

Done and done.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of truth to this statement, at least in regards to the administration. As always, money talks, and if the major donors want Tommy out it won’t matter what TDP thinks.

I know a slogan bantered about by a lot of people is “We’re Clemson, we’re better than that,” but I’d sorta love to not be for a couple years. I echo this guy’s sentiments almost 100%.

Want to know how DFIG feels about this Tigers team? This is it, verbatim.


I now present you the greatest post in the history of Tigernet. Yes, that’s an ELO reference at the end. Somewhere in Seattle, Tully nods in approval.