08 October 2007


Showing a glimmer of hope that I'm not entirely out of the running, I actually had the most correct picks this week. A positive note for a weekend that was otherwise completely miserable for Clemson football fans. Still the standings haven't changed much, and other than the leader, the muddled middle seems to be keeping it close. Same system as last week, number of points next to the name, then correct picks for the week in parentheses. After showing some hope of returning to the standings last week, I think the Captain has taken himself out of the running yet again by not submitting picks again. Better luck next year buddy.

1) Sam +72 (7)
2) Tully +64 (7)
T3) Lyrtch +61 (6)
T3) Chili +61 (7)
T3) NoleCC +61 (6)
T6) Willy Mac +56 (7)
T6) Seigler +56 (8)
8) Brad +52 (6)
9) Captain +39 (0)

Better luck next week to all involved.