02 October 2007


Perhaps fantasy baseball should be based a little more on talent

Note to self, never play Sambo in any fantasy sport... for money.

First Place in the league tournament goes to Korn for God 2008 (Sambo)
Second Place to Dustin Diamondbacks (Tom W)
Third Place to AIDS Monkeys (Chili)

The rest of the league looked like this:
4. Oneeyedwonderweasels (Seigler)
5. plez u power (Jake E)
6. Herro Radies (Tully)
7. Eric Byrnes Joints ( Nathan)
8. Jesus' Curveball ( Willy Mac)

Sam was also the regular season champion and number one overall seed for the tournament with the tournament seeds shaking out like this.
1. Korn for God
2. AIDS Monkeys
3.Herro Radies
4. plez u power
5. Oneeyedwonderweasels
6.Dustin Diamondbacks

Thanks to everyone who participated for the entire season. I know this league got kind of screwed up when four of our managers decided not to participate after only one week. Hopefully next season we'll get some more dedicated people. Perhaps even offer prizes or something. Congratulations again to Sam, hopefully he won't really sweep all DFIG fantasy leagues.