20 October 2007


In a game that will surely quell the angry hoard's cries for Tommy's head -- temporarily -- the Tigers cockpunched the Chippewas 70-14. The game started slowly with CMU taking a temporary lead of 7-0 by driving the ball down the field with relative ease. The defense stiffened, however, and only allowed one more score on the day and had several turnovers to their credit. The kickoff team is still a little shaky, giving up a 30 or so yard return on the opening boot.

Early stats have the Tigers accruing 656 yards of total offense; 307 in the air and 349 on the ground. Harper was a fantastic 19-21 for 265 yards, 4 touchdowns and just 1 interception. Aaron Kelly led all receivers with 121 yards and 2 touchdowns while rushing was split 112 for Sadat Chambers, 96 for CJ Spiller, and 88 for James Davis. Sadat and CJ had a rushing touchdown each while Davis had two to his credit. Other stats of note show that Clemson only punted once the whole game, Mark Buchholz was perfect on extra points but again was off on a field goal from 48 yards. Another dozen or so missed FGs from that distance and the coaches might get the hint.

The Korn redshirt question continues to linger as Tribble Reese was put in at the end of the game instead of Willy. It looks like the coaches are going to hold Korn out and hope to be able to get a medical redshirt based on his shoulder injury against Furman. If a dire need arises later in the season they could blow his redshirt and put him in. The EKR has its own take on the matter, and we'll get to that later. EKR has been drinking a lot since Korn stopped getting PT, we're all a little concerned. EKR's room in the DFIG offices smells like urine and Busch Light and a tinge of vomit.

Check out the ESPN box score for a more sober review.