01 November 2007


#25 Clemson (6-2, 3-2) @ Duke (1-7, 0-5) Saturday, November 3rd, Noon EST. ESPN Game Plan. XM 190. WCCPFM 104.9 Live radio feed. 95.3 FM in the vicinity of Wallace Wade.

The Line: Clemson -16

Edge goes to:

Offense: Clemson

Defense: Clemson by far

Special Teams: Push

Intangibles: Clemson's second wind might lift them to actually take care of business in Durham, although Duke usually takes it to us in Wallace Wade.

Our Panel of... guys that like Clemson football say:

Clemson can hopefully avoid a stumble this week in Durham, where they historically have struggled and have a just above average 13-12 record. Most teams feed off the energy of the crowd and the Tigers are no different. They flounder in those lazy noon games on regional television with Pam Ward or some NFL reject as announcers. The Durham doldrums nag the Tigers like that stoner kid you know who never stops talking about forming a Southern rock cover band and calling it Allman Joy. The Tigers look a little sleepy, but get it done.

Clemson 35, Les Diables Bleus 14

Uh... okay.

Willy Mac:
This is a game we should lose. I don't think we lose it. I think that even without Jacoby we still have the reserves to at least fill in his spot at WR. I think it was way back in 2001 that we were able to go into Wallace Wade and drop a bunch on Duke. I think we do it again tomorrow. The momentum is in our favor at least until we play Wake Forest next week. Ted Roof is a good coach and Duke is playing some impressive football compared to theirefforts the previous few years. A lot of this years improvement is due to stellar quarterback play in Thad Lewis who has a QB efficiency rating of about 133. He's 17/9 in the TD/INT ratio, but playing against our fairly decent pass defense without a productive running back to help ease the play, I don't see Duke doing much against us. They've got some pretty nasty wide outs that could give us some trouble.

Clemson 45, Duke 17

Bonus clip via Boogie Nights. "You think the bass is taking away from the vocal?"

Following my tone from the last 2 predictions I've made, I think Clemson has a good chance of losing this game. After all, this is lowly Duke, and if it were not for Clemson, they would not have an ACC victory in several years. Let's hope the Tigers don't oblige them and offer up another one this year. Duke doesn't scare me, everything about their team, about their program, is nearly pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they try hard and care ( which is more than I can say for Clemson sometimes), but this is not a team you expect to put up a fight. If the Tigers can put up 7o on Central Michigan, we should be able to put up at least 50 on the devils. Then again, we have to look at our team as a whole, our defense will do their job, but will Rob Spence do his? Hopefully Tommy and his staff will be continuing to roll out this offensive barrage that we've seen in the last 2 weeks. I can really see them using this as a tune up game for the coming weeks, working in a lot of the second and third string players, and making this a very close game. It's games like this one that take years off my life. I should be worked up tight about playing a powerful BC team in a few weeks, not worrying myself sick about Duke. Who worries about Duke?There are two ways this game goes, all depending on how bad Tommy wants my respect. A lackluster performance again, James Davis has 5 carries, Spiller 12, and Harper doesn't throw a pass longer than 12 yards all game, and we cut it close. Or keep the big guns well oiled and come out blazing. I'll liken it to the following clip from Full Metal Jacket, if Tommy is like the door gunner, Clemson wins convincingly, but if Tommy is more like Joker, he'll take pity on the women and children that play football at Duke. Let's hope it's a blowout

Clemson 56, Duke 17

"Easy! Ya just don't lead 'em so much! Ain't war hell? "