24 November 2007



Clemson 23, Sakerlina 21

Mark Buccholz boots in the game winner as time expires, saving Clemson from a virtually self-inflicted loss. The playcalling down the stretch, as it's been most of the year, was questionable at best. Clemson lead the game 17-7 at the half and hung on for dear life. Congrats to the Tigers, and our hats are off to the Gamecocks, who played extremely tough.

I don't like to take a victory like this and rub it in to the opposing fanbase, and I'm not doing that now. I am, however, listening to the Carolina 5th Quarter call-in show. The DJ clearly has been screaming his lungs off the entire game and sounds like his diaphragm is roast beef about now. Listening to this is icing on the cake. The talk is about Stephen Garcia as the savior of the program, about whether or not Spurrier is the man for the job, and all sorts of what have you. The fans are really going after Spurrier hard. Maybe the best call so far is questioning whether or not Shane Beamer is really Frank's son because he doesn't have the same special teams prowess and he "doesn't have that big growth on his neck, and I thought that thing was hereditary." Check it out if you're up.