04 November 2007


Well after a establishing a commanding lead, Sam is appearing more mortal every week. Tully took everyone this week though with 13 correct picks. The real story is the fact that there were three ( yes 3) pushes this week. Teams winning by exactly the spread is not cool, especially when you've got 7 guys trying to win a very fine bottle of scotch. Let's hope those shenanigans don't happen again. Keep getting those picks in guys, there are only 3 weeks left until a winner is declared. But even if you don't win this one, you might have the privilege of participating in some sort of bowl challenge, we'll see though. Enough about that, here's how things went this week:

1) Sam +102 (8)
2) Chili +96 (10)
T3) Lyrtch +94 (9)
T3) Tully +94 (13)
5)Willy Mac +93(10)
6) Seigler +91 (10)
7) NoleCC +88 (8)