12 November 2007


Another good week for all involved, but the time is running out for someone to overtake Sam. He's back to his normal form this week with 10 correct picks,which was good enough for third place. Tully continues his resurgence, winning this week with 12 correct picks ( but seriously, who in their right mind picks Maryland to beat the spread against BC). At least their were no pushes this week, let's hope that nonsense doesn't happen again. Here's how things shook out this week

1) Sam +112 (10)
T2) Chili +106 (10)
T2) Tully +106 (12)
4) Lyrtch +105 (11)
5) Seigler +102(11)
6) Willy Mac +101(8)
7) NoleCC +94 (6)