26 November 2007


Ted Roof has been fired at Duke after racking up a 6-45 record in three and a half seasons.

Chan Gailey has been fired at Georgia Tech. It's been said that he neither improved nor worsened the team during his tenure. That, coupled with an 0 for career record against Georgia, got him the boot. He was 44-32 at Tech and 28-20 in the ACC. There are some amusing takes on the firing on this Atlanta-Journal Constitution page. Look for GT AD Dan Radakovich to go after Jimbo Fisher of FSU. Radakovich was the Associate AD at LSU while Fisher was there. Paul Johnson's name will also be in play, I'm sure.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are looking at LSU's Bo Pellini and Buffalo's (and former Husker) Turner Gill to fill the gaping hole left from the burnination of Callahan.

Former Packers coach Mike Sherman has been hired at Texas A&M. That was quick.

In non-sports news (unless you count rocking the fuck out as a sport, and you should) Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot died today at age 52.

Shhh.....Silence... for 365 days, please.