16 November 2007


#18 Boston College (8-2, 5-2) @ #15 Clemson (8-2, 5-2). Saturday, Nov. 17th, 7:45 EST, ESPN2, XM Radio 191. WCCP FM 104.9 - Live feed.

Line: Clemson -8, over/under 52.5

Edge Goes To:

Offense: Push (Clemson and BC are neck and neck atop the standings of ACC total offense)

Defense: Clemson

Special Teams: Push

Intangibles: Pushhhhhh. Both teams are playing for the division title. BC desperately needs to salvage their nosediving season before they end up back in Boise. Clemson has gone nowhere but up since being mugged by VT and could bring the school its first ACC title since 1991 with a win here and in Jacksonville.

Our panel of 16oz Jimmy Dean Sausage fans say:

Chili: Clemson faces one of the tougher run defenses they've seen all year in Boston College. Boston College faces one of the stoutest pass defenses they've run into. Tastes great! Less filling! You got cocaine in my heroin! You got heroin in my cocaine! I have been pretty preoccupied thinking about this game in terms of the ramifications of a Clemson loss or win. A win gives Clemson the Atlantic Division title and sends them to Jacksonville to play the winner of the Hokie-Hoo game. A loss would squash the Tigers' momentum and send them reeling into next week's matchup with Sakerlina. I think Harper takes over the Matt Ryan role and exploits BC's injured defense. If BC switches up their D to stop the pass, we go to the run. Conversely I think Ryan finds his receivers as he's done in the past. This game should be epic, and go down to the wire. I have to pick Clemson in this one.

Clemson 31, BC 24

Seigler: This is probably the defining game of Tommy Bowden's time at Clemson. This could also be the game that makes or break his season. Really, even if we manage to beat the Gamecocks next week, 9 wins will mean nothing without a spot in the title game. I expect Clemson to be well prepared, Cullen Harper hasn't felt Willy Korn breathing down his neck this year as much as some of us predicted, but he knows that the pressure is on if he wants to stay on top of the depth chart. Harper will continue his superb play this weekend, and lead the Tigers to a victory, however small the margin may be. I expect this to be a hard fought, close game, much like the last two meetings between these teams. Of course there is always a chance for the Tigers to stink things up in style but I just can't see a meltdown happening this week. True, BC needs to win to stop their slide and prove they weren't completely overrated all year, but I just can't see their awesome offense overcoming our awesome defense. They will rely on the pass and Clemson seems to be one of the best in the nation at defending against the pass. I think Matt Ryan might get very close to Phil Merling and others this weekend and he probably won't like the time they spend together. I look for Davis and Spiller to continue their good play. I'd really like to see Davis hit the 1,000 yard mark this game, but BC has a decent run defense. We won't be able to really rely on one facet of our game this week and I'm hoping Rob Spence knows that. BC's special teams will have to work hard to stop CJ Spiller this week and I'm hoping he'll continue his resurgence and run all over them. If things go according to plan this game will be all Clemson, despite what the scoreboard might say. I'm looking for Clemson to cover:

Clemson 35 BC 21

Willy Mac: I'm really not trying to be a homer. I've looked at games on my Tivo for both teams. I've been thinking about this game since the open date. I've gone back and done my homework. I've been thinking about it a lot. My worries have come less and less the past few weeks as Boston College has looked shaky since their encounter with Virginia Tech. I really think that their run defense is stout but key injuries will help us running the ball against them. I think our passing attack will cut their terrible pass defense apart seeing as they've been making terrible QBs look like stunners all year. Defensively, if we can put as much pressure on them as we did Wake, and jumble Matt Ryan up, he's done. I think we get this thing wrapped up quick. Before you know it, you'll be throwing oranges at Hokies/Cavaliers in no time.

Clemson 38, Boston College 24