23 November 2007


#22 Clemson (8-3, 5-3) @ South Carolina (6-5, 3-5). Saturday, November 24, 7:00 PM, ESPN2, XM Radio 191.

Line: Clemson -2.5

Edge Goes To:

Offense: Clemson

Defense: Push

Special Teams: Carolina, Succup can actually make field goals. Buccholz has a field goal percentage of 63%.

Intangibles: Sakerlina - They've had a bye week to prepare and have their pride on the line after losing 4 straight. One could say this is a push, being a rivalry game and Clemson also reeling after losing an important game, but when team preparation is the issue Spurrier gets the nod hands down.

About the Game: Clemson and Carolina have been playing each other since 1896. Clemson leads the series 63-37-4. Sakerlina beat Clemson at home last year 31-28. If Carolina beats Clemson this year, it would mark the first time since 1970 that they've won 2 straight in the series.

Here's what we think:

Seigler: tba

Chili: Prior to the BC game I had a bad feeling about this game. I felt that Carolina's bye-week to heal and gameplan, added to the indignity of losing 4 straight would shift a close game in their favor. Losing to BC changed my opinion very little. Call me whatever names you want, but I see us losing Saturday. Carolina's 4 losses were against good teams (well... maybe not Vandy, but they're above-average). The defense that lost its way towards the end of the season will use this game to regain their respect. The Boston College game solidified my opinion that Clemson has poor gameday coaches. Playcalling was timid and we again failed to properly utilize Spiller and Davis. Clemson's defense is stout, but was picked apart by Ryan in the 2nd half. I see Carolina reviewing that effort and while Jar-Jar is no Matt Ryan, he's looked good at times and could exploit our pass D. The tandem of Davis and Boyd has been successful at times and adds a second dimension to Sakerlina's offense. I think both teams will put points on the board and, as I usually state (and mean), I could see this game going either way. I have very little faith in Clemson anymore, and that proves the difference in my preview.

Sakerlina 34, Clemson 33 :(

Willy Mac: Honestly, I've had little or no time to think about this game because I know whats going to happen. I've been in Detroit all week pretending (as Chili says) to be a Green Bay fan (I jumped on the band wagon in 1996 for the Super Bowl win, so yes, I'm a t-shirt fan with no actual ties to the team itself but more on that later). I'm not going to lie to you or make you feel better about the game or nurse you. Let's be realistic, Chili is right. They've had two weeks to prepare. What momentum we had is completely gone. South Carolina wants this game badly and I just don't see us being able to pick up the pieces. I'm not saying I'm rooting for us to lose, but I'm fully expecting it. I hate hearing Carolina fans talk crap too and I don't know if I'll be able to stomach it for another year, especially if we lose to a six win Gamecock team. I wish I could make you happy and cheer you up about this game, but no. Sorry. I wish I had Peter Frampton to help me out like that fugly chick in the Geico commercials... that would make things infinitely better. In totally unrelated news, I just got an email to my student webmail account that states that the police have spotted a GODDAMNED WILD PANTHER ON CAMPUS. Just thought I should let you know. Oh, they also said "not to approach the wild animal" and to "let the police handle the situation." Stupid country cops.

Clemson 17, South Carolina 31