29 November 2007


The above billboard is located on I-26 near Harbison, beside the Jamil Shrine Temple in Columbia. Chili and I feel that it's completely hilarious, but also completely obnoxious and classless at the same time. If something like this had been put up outside Clemson after last year's game you bet we'd climb up and spray paint the bitch. I think Clemson fans have finally had enough of all the talking from the USC victory last year and we're starting to show our teeth.


- It turns out that James Mays's injury isn't as bad as first thought. Originally, James was thought as to have had a hip fracture that would have put him out until the beginning of ACC play. Secondary scans done of his hip showed that there was no fracture at all and that it's actually just a bad sprain. New estimates have him coming back for the tail end of the San Juan Shootout.

- Sam Perry had knee surgery and is also expected to make a comeback for the San Juan Shootout. I think we did pretty well against Purdue seeing as we had two major players out for that game.

- Jarvis Jenkins had minor wrist surgery. Chris McDuffie had his elbow scoped and cleaned up. Finally, Cullen Harper had arthroscopic surgery on his throwing shoulder. Also removed from Cullen were three .45 slugs, a blowgun dart, a few tiger shark teeth, a metal cleat spike, the tip of a bayonet, a three inch nail, and what amounted to be two handfuls of buckshot. All three will be back for the bowl game.


- As per the heavily Gamecock based The State newspaper, a chance to go to the Chik-Fil-A bowl for Clemson has become a bit better. For Clemson fans the article should read: "If Virginia Tech beats BC, Clemson goes to the Chik-Fil-A bowl." Since it was probably written by a USC fan/alum, it actually reads: "Oh yeah, Clemson is a shoe in for the Peach... or are they? Yeah they are. Or are they?"

- Thomas Austin gets the ACC Linemen of the Week award as he graded out at 87 percent for the South Carolina game. That performance included eight pancake blocks.