23 October 2006


Mr. James Davis... crushing dreams and destroying confidence since 2005

Willy Mac’s prediction: “If Reggie Ball implodes: Clemson 31, Tech 10.”

I might be wrong, but this is probably the most accurate of all the predictions I saw from the blogging crowd and the mainstream sportswriters. Good job WM. If you want to see some really funny predictions, check out The Hive’s GT-Clemson score prediction thread. I’m not quite sure whether Saturday was a case of 1) Georgia Tech being way overrated by writers and fans 2) Clemson being underrated by writers and fans or 3) just outplaying and outcoaching GT. The answer is probably a combination of the three.


Our CJ is better. At least he was Saturday night; 116 yards rushing and 50 yards receiving, 2 touchdowns on the night. The other CJ had 0 catches, 0 tds, and -4 yards rushing. I hoped Clemson would have contained Calvin Johnson but I never would have predicted it would be a complete whitewashing of the Heisman hopeful. The defense helped pressure Reggie Ball, keeping him from gaining successful yardage on draw plays and keeping the little guy so flustered he couldn’t get the ball to Calvin “Chan Gailey’s Meal Ticket” Johnson.

James Davis had the best game out of anyone with a career-high 216 yards rushing, a feat that garnered him the Walter Camp Foundation player of the week award.

For the first time in Clemson history, two running backs had 200/100 + performances in a game.

The highlight recap of the game was so brutal, it looks like Chan Gailey killed a puppy in the locker room before the game.
All I can think about is what on earth did Chan Gailey's halftime speech sound like??? "Look fellas, we're gonna go out there this second half and totally let the wheels fall off of the bandwagon. I've got a lot of money riding on Clemson covering, so Calvin, Reggie, I need you two to really try your best to look like you don't deserve a scholarship." Clemson ran the ball so well, they could probably not pass the ball for the rest of the season and win out.

Jad Dean showed a lot of improvement. According to Bowden his kicks were higher and went further than anytime previously this season. Maybe mental cushioning in preparation for the game in Blacksburg this coming Thursday.


Roman Fry tore his ACL and is out for the season. I hate to see another senior end his career early. The silver lining to this is that it will give junior Chris McDuffie some more experience that will be sorely needed when we replace 4 seniors on the line next year. McDuffie stepped in and did a great job for Fry, even earning the team’s “12th Man” award.


Some would say the purple uniforms, though they didn’t bother me much. Let the team wear whatever color they want.

Maybe the ugliest moment was after the game. Chan Gailey didn’t have much to say about the shutdown of Johnson. Johnson and offensive coordinator Chris Nix didn’t have anything to say about the matter. Gailey barred them from speaking to reporters after the game.

GAMEDAY (Willy Mac)

Clemson fans showed Gameday a great time and really showed the university in a positive light. From what I saw from Tivo, all three guys loved the experience and Herbstreit even dubbed the event as the "best Gameday all year, perhaps the best one I've been to ever." I know for a fact, the Gameday broadcast was the loudest that ESPN has had all year, reaching an astounding 117 decibels. Our sign was a huge success. For the most part, Clemson fans had some of the funniest signs in the nation, including an enlarged photo of Lou Holtz accompanied by the phrase "shixty shree to sheventeen." The only thing I didn't really enjoy was waking up at 6AM. For the first time in my life, I experienced three hangovers in the span of 36 hours. Woof.

The Mac

Last weeks results
GT @ Clemson - Clemson
Texas A&M @ Oklahoma State - TAMU
Boston College @ FSU - Boston College
Rutgers @ Pitt - Rutgers
Purdue @ Wisconsin - The Wiz
Texas @ Nebraska - Texas
Iowa @ Michigan - Michigan
NCSU @ Maryland - Maryland
SCAR @ Vandy - Jailbirds
UNC @ UVa (Thurs) - UVA

Scoring as follows (Golf Scoring System)
Uttles -3
Chili -3
Greg -3
Willy Mac -4
Brad -4
Lola -5
Tully – still passed out

1. Chili -16
2. Lola -20
3. Brad -24
4. Willy Mac -25
5. Greg -27
Just for fun
6. Uttles - Will be a serious contender next year
7. Tully - had braces his senior year of college

The next round of games will be up by Tuesday in a new post.

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