07 October 2006


Hordes of rabid Clemson fans are driving up to Winston-Salem as I type this, on their way to seek revenge for a couple embarrassing losses. Game time is 12 noon, here is a link to Week 6 football games on TV.
Clemson loses another player. Etta Etta-Tawo was diagnosed to have an irregular heartbeat and could be out for good. This is pending discovery of what exactly is causing the heart problems. Our thoughts are with our second favorite named player. (Ray Ray being our fav.)
Does Wake play dirty? Their line sure does. I hope Gaines is ready for some chop blocks today.
A great line from this Tom Sorensen article on the game: "The Deacons have 4,255 undergrads on campus. The night before a big game, Clemson has 4,255 fans in the Esso Club, one of America's great college town bars."
ESPN says Clemson has something to prove. They sure do.

Also, I've added a Google search bar to the side for looking up stuff in our archives or on the web.

Also also, I just want to say that I only acknowledge that the USA has 48 states. F*ck Alaska and Hawaii, to be a state, you've gotta touch a state.