11 October 2006


#12 Clemson (5-1, 3-1 ACC) vs #117 Temple (0-6), Location: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. Thursday, October 12th, 7:30 PM, ESPNU, XM Satellite Radio ch 191-193.


The Line: Clemson +

Temple has been outscored 172-7 by Big Ten opponents and has managed to score 4.5 points per game while giving up around 34 points a game to opposing offenses that aren't that good to begin with. This being said, if this game was in the Valley, I don't think we'd have a problem getting two tacos from Taco Bell (FYI: Every 28 points Clemson scores in the Valley, Taco Bell in Clemson will give you a free taco in exchange for your ticket).

Edge goes to:

Offense: Clemson

Defense: Clemson

Special Teams: Clemson

Intangibles: Clemson, barring they don't have another foul up like they did at Wake Forest... but I think there's a better chance that Scarlett Johansson will blow me in the next few weeks... let's keep hope that it will eventually happen though... sad. Chili: I got slops.

Will never have a good football program as long as I live: Temple, but they do sport Cliff Huxtable as a grad, so they've got that goin for em.

Clemson has suffered a slew of injuries on both side of the ball, most recently Etta Etta Tawo and Rendrick Taylor. Clemson coaches have stated that the purpose of this game will be to keep injuries to a minimum and wind the clock.

Our panel of DFIG "experts" say:

Willy Mac:

How many times can I keep writing the same thing over and over. Simply put, we are going to murder Temple. Instead of robbing you of your time by talking about how bad Temple is and how good Clemson is, I'm going to tell you about the wonderful world of Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is a two-week festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany during late September and early October. It is one of the most famous events in the city and the world's largest fair, with some six million people attending every year. Other cities across the world also hold fairs, modeled after the Munich event, also called Oktoberfest.

The event usually takes place during the 16 days up to and including the first Sunday in October, but if this day is the 1st or 2nd then the festival will go on until the October 3rd (German Unity Day). Thus, the festival is 17 days when the 1st Sunday is October 2nd and 18 days when it is October 1st. The festival is held on an area named the Theresienwiese, often called "d' Wiesn" for short. Beer plays a central role in the fair, with every festival beginning with a keg of beer tapped by the Mayor of Munich who declares "O'zapft is!" (Bavarian for "It's tapped!"). A special Oktoberfest beer is brewed for the occasion, which is slightly darker and stronger, in both taste and alcohol. It is served in a one-liter-tankard called Maß. The first "mass" is served to the Bavarian Minister-President. Only local Munich breweries are allowed to serve this beer in a Bierzelt (beer tent) which is large enough for thousands.

Visitors also consume large quantities of food, most of it traditional hearty fare such as sausage, hendl (chicken), käsespätzle (cheese noodles), and sauerkraut, along with such Bavarian delicacies as roast ox tails. (I thought those were an African delicacy - Chili)

And yes, I ripped this straight from Wikipedia... get over it you queer. Don't forget to check out Samuel Adams Octoberfest and The Brickstore Pub in downtown Decatur.

Clemson 66, Temple 7

Truly a thing of beauty

Chili: I could've sworn I dropped some Oktoberfest love a week ago... anyway, I think this will be an awful game to watch, as evidenced by the lowly ticket sales of 25,000. That's what you get when you move a game to a Thursday night and expect more than just the Charlotte and local Clemson contingent to show up. Anyway, starters will be pulled early to avoid injuries and rest up for Georgia Tech. For Clemson fans, it may be a treat to watch some 2nd stringers get some minutes. I expect to see the waterboy, old ladies, and maybe some midgets or Radio himself to get some PT. This game will surely help pad our stats as a top ten team in total offense and defense. Living in Atlanta, I won't be there, but I'll probably drive to Jocks n Jills or ESPNZone to watch it, as I don't get this mythical ESPNU I keep hearing about.

Clemson 50, Temple 6.

I made this picture from a Tecmo Bowl screencap. I don't even know why I'm posting it.