04 October 2006


If you set foot on Bowman Field on the Campus of Clemson University, echoes of the past abound. This is the field where soldiers marched in preparation for two world wars, where an entire senior class volunteered for World War II en masse. It’s a field of heroes, as marked formally by the Military Heritage Plaza. Stop by on an Autumn evening and listen to the wind blowing through the 100 year-old oaks encircling the hallowed ground. You might hear the march of Clemson cadets, or you might just hear whispers of a new Clemson hero, a new legend in the annals of Clemson history.

The whispers speak of Tully.

Tully was but one man, one man who lived life to the fullest. While former Clemson soldiers battled oppression and communism, Tully battled sobriety and conciousness.

This is a photographic tribute to the many endeavors Tully championed during his 8 year undergraduate career at Clemson. Ingest these pictures. Learn them, know the feats of Tully.

Tully is a hero.

Underage drinking was a serious issue to Tully, and here he can be seen valiantly keeping young'uns away from some kegs dangerously full of cold, delicious beer.

Tully communes with the spirit of Thomas Greene Clemson.

Walter Thompson Cox was always a student favorite over his long career at Clemson, and clearly Tully admires his student-friendly administration style.

Tully demonstrating Clemson's world class tailgating proclivities.

Sanjay, you dropped your pen. That's okay, Tully will get it for you.

Tully testing the ergonomic aptitude of the Brackett Hall computer lab chairs.

Tully conducts a super secret frat meeting.

Tully broke his back to cover the streets and highways of Clemson in the signature Tiger Paws.

Tully was an invaluable resource in helping the Inter Fraternity Council run it's Fall Rush.

"Tully Straton, rush chairman, damn glad to meet you."

Tully greeting his friends in the KA tent next door.

Tully is a friend to the animals.

So go, Clemson fans and friends, and tell the story of Tully. The world needs to know heroes still exist. This is your introduction to the legend. Tully and I will be posting weekly / bi-weekly conversations about current events in football and in life. This is your chance to score some wisdom from the master.


Tully just emailed me with some photos from a recent vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Soaking in the rays, praying that he can get a liver transplant from Dorian Gray (in the better years).