03 October 2006


#15 Clemson (4-1, 2-1 ACC) @ Wake Forest (5-0, 1-0 ACC), Saturday, October 7th, 12 PM, ESPN, ESPNHD or ESPN Classic (depending on baseball), XM Satellite Radio ch 192.

The Stats

Line: Clemson +16.5
Clemson dominates the all-time series 54-16-1, but the Demon Deacons have won two out of the last three games in the series. Clemson's one win in the last three tries was a 37-30 victory in overtime. Clemson travels to Wake Forest after having embarrassed Louisiana Tech 51 - 0. Clemson has out passed (Wake - 748 yds, Clemson - 1023 yds) and out rushed (Wake - 837 yds, Clemson 1203 yds) this season against opponents. Also, Clemson has outscored its opponents 218 - 66.

Edge goes to:

Offense: Clemson


Special Teams:
Wake Forest

Both; Wake Forest has supreme confidence coming into this game, they are undefeated and have recent success versus Clemson. Clemson, however, is painfully aware of the dangers of Winston-Salem and Bowden should have the team prepared to wipe out past meltdowns from our memory.

Has to beg fans to show up:
Wake Forest

Has to ask fans to wear school colors to the game:
Wake Forest

Our panel of DFIG "experts" say:

Willy Mac:

For Clemson, it's the one game they can absolutely afford not to lose. For Wake Forest, it's the one game they can absolutely afford not to lose. Clemson's reasons being: A loss to WF here will help the Tigers lose any and all credibility, plus some spots in the AP poll. Clemson has to make a statement and losing to teams like Wake Forest will definitely make a statement... that we've taken a step back and can't focus for sleepers. Wake Forest's reasons being: A loss to Clemson here means that they are still the same old Demon Deacons, just with more wins due to some luck and an easier schedule than last year. A win here puts WF in the top 25, which is exactly where they want to be. My take on the game is that Wake's defense has looked good... against bad teams. Our offense will be one of the biggest tests they face this year. I don't see them stopping our backs. People have had success against our pass this year, simply because our receivers need to get their lives right. The injury bug is killing Wake Forest and they have been lucky to hold on to their perfect record for this long. If Tommy hits them hard and continually in the first quarter, they will fold. If not, look for another droning battle with the Deacs that Clemson fans have grown accustomed to. One last note, if you seek humor, please go to the Wake Forest message board (link in post below). I have yet to see one reasonable WF poster. Should be DSODS (Dumb Shit On Deacon Sports). Every last one of them thinks they are gonna blow away Clemson.
Shout out to the 81 Team:
Clemson 82, Wake Forest 24

This is Jim Grobe... watching the Tigers run up the score this weekend.


Chansi Stuckey broke his foot yesterday. I am not quite emotionally ready to blog about it, except to say that I’d be more concerned if a lineman or RB were out, and that if you told me we’d suffer the loss of 3 of our top 4 defenders and be 4-1 at this point I might not believe you. Here’s hoping that Chansi heals quickly and is back for Virginia Tech. Rendrick, get ready Hulkster, spotlight’s on you. I’ve got nothing remotely humorous to say about the game. I’ve been trolling Wake messageboards and they re some cocky bastards for being fans of one of the statistically worst teams in football history. Their basic verbal assault consists of throwing their recent victories against us in our face and calling us tractor driving incestuous morons, forgetting all the while that a farmer donated the land for their school. I want to beat Wake bad, and I think our players feel the same. I have to think we’ll see Bowden’s boys fired up, and I think we’ll overcome being outcoached as we’ve been for the past few meetings.

Clemson 37, Wake 26

My favorite Deacon.

Side note: if you play online games, and you have Steam, I highly recommend you pick up DEFCON, a global thermonuclear war game. At only 15 bucks, it’s well worth it. I’ll run a Clemson server for it if anyone’s interested. It’s my new addiction.