03 October 2006


The new form of Clemson crunk.... EUROTRANCE???

I'm going to get straight to the point and come right out and say it. CLEMSON IS SLOWLY TURNING INTO A GIMMICK. JUST A BUNCH OF FADS AND MEMES ROLLED INTO ONE... with a dash of yankee (No offense to our hoagie and pop bloggers). All of this Disney-esque pregame shit has to stop, pronto. I mean it. Who is in charge of putting this stuff on the loudspeakers?!?! We have enough tradition and we have enough gimmicks by ourselves, we don't fucking need a eurotrance techno beat to get excited to. Penn State and Georgia Tech already do this, why do we need to join the party? And for all you thirty something Tigernetters, no, we don't need to come out to Hells Bells or Metallica, or any gay shit like that either. Why? Because Georgia Tech and most high schools have cornered the market on that. I even remember last year that we tried to copy Wisconsin and their end of the third quarter "Jump Around" thing. While I'm on it, what sickens me most, is the rip off of the Irish crowd push up thing. I'm frustrated because Clemson fans and the Athletic Department think that they have eaten up a lot of college football fads and are shitting out pure gold. This, is in fact, a vast understatement. I noticed that this trend, oddly enough, has been following the trend up increased tuition and increased acceptance of out-of-state, predominantly northern kids. This is not Clemson. I mean, yes, ok, a few northern kids a year never hurt any body, but you'd think that there was a second civil war and we lost again with the amount of carpet baggers coming down here. I got a great idea, and please, stop me if I get too out of line for saying this... but how bout we stick to the traditions of Tiger Rag, the Hill, the Rock, Esso, the fans, atmosphere, etc etc that has made Clemson a great place for years. Stop messing with your new loudspeakers and just let the band earn their keep.

Also, this new kick off video has to go. It is painful just to watch the players in the video be embarrassed and half heartedly get the crowd pumped up. If you look at them, you can tell that the last thing they want to be doing is making some faggot megatron video to pump up a crowd that is already pumped up. I think CUAD hires the same sugar seizure people that do the Vegas lines. What ever happened to the rap at games?? And I don't care about you 30-something Uncle Rico's and how "ya'll used to do it." I don't care if you think that you can't "spell rap without crap." Is it your team?? Are YOU on the field?? Are you strapping it up every Saturday for a bunch of drunk fans?? The answer is NO. I think we should let the team decide the atmosphere. And if we turn out to be the Ying Yang Twins of College Football, so be it. Just so long as our players are psyched up and playing well.

I think it's time that I put my "I hate Tommy Bowden cause he plays conservatively" pitch fork away. He's finally blasting teams like I've always wanted to. I can only hope if we get up on Wake, we keep on blasting them. I love it, if you cruise over to Wake Forest Message Board, hilarity is guaranteed to ensue. They seem to forget who they are playing this weekend. I know, I know, they've had our number the last few years, but I don't see the Tigers having trouble getting up for this game. There's too much bulletin board material. Just to let you know how good Wake actually is, their kicker received player of the week honors against 1 - AA opponent Liberty last week. The kicker... received player of the week... honors.. against a 1 - AA opponent... WOW. Not a running back or anything expected like that, but a kicker. I also think its cute that they are wearing all black uniforms against us. They actually have to tell their fans to wear all black to Saturday's game... too bad there's gonna be more orange than black.

"Mr. Davis? Hi, yes, um, I was wondering if I could have my jersey back... it seems to be stuck in your teeth from when you ran over me."