13 October 2006


Final Score: Clemson 63, Temple 9

The play of the offense. That was a beat down at it's finest. The bubble screen is finally starting to work, but I'm worried it's not going to work forever, especially against faster defenses. The freshmen really stepped it up last night as well. Hats off to CJ Spiller, Jacoby Ford, Ricky Sapp, and Crezdon Butler. Nelson Faerber, the whitest kid on the team, got a touchdown... big ups. This is proof that the football gods will reward you if you play to the whistle. Also, our kick return team looked very good last night.

Minus: Kick coverage is officially f*cking terrible. The only way to go from where we are at right now is up. Our PATs look shaky still. Our defense played like sun baked shit for the first quarter. At least Tommy Bowden didn't call in his defensive coordinator during the post game press conference to take the heat off of his own ass. We'd had better step it up next week for GT or else you can count on an embarassment on ESPN.

A side note: The GT/Clemson Gameday thing is still not a complete lock. Don't go off telling your friends that it's going to be here. We still have to beat out the team on ABC, so this gives us a 50% chance of getting Gameday. If we do, however, you'd better damn well expect to see DFIG signs.

If you get a chance today, shoot an e-mail to Temple President Dr. Ann Weaver Hart (president at temple dot edu). Thank her because the Temple football team, including coaches, staff, AND players, donated $1500 to the Ray Ray McElrathbey Fund. That shows character and deserves big ups and much respek. Thanks guys!

Ray Ray do it fo da kids.