12 October 2006


The above photos show the one moment of introspection in Lee Corso's existence.

Couple of things chaffing my ass this week. The Purple Out, like Will said, is a horrible idea proffered by Clemson students just wanting to get some attention. I don’t have all that much problem with people wanting to wear purple to games, I feel you should where whatever the hell you want, preferably some sort of team colors, the important thing is that you’re just at the damned game. My problem lies in the fact that they picked the Georgia Tech game to try and get this thing going. ESPN College Gameday will be on campus for this game (more on that later) and we should be getting a ton of exposure and it’d be nice to have a consistently orange look to the crowd. Another thing that irked me was the creator of the Purple Out Facebook group’s violent defense of its lame idea against the thousands of people reminding them of their staggering douchebaggery. All you need to know about the kid that started the group is that he is also a member of more than one Forumula 1 Racing related Facebook group. I have never in my life known a Southerner who was a Formula 1 fan who wasn’t a giant dickhead. Just a walking, talking penis flopping this way and that as it spews off about how great the Marlboro team is and yadda yadda yadda. By the way, dickhead is in Microsoft Word’s dictionary, lol.

The prospect of Gameday coming to Clemson to cover the Clemson-Georgia Tech game has been an explosive topic on Tigernet. First of all, there is no concrete evidence that Gameday is coming, only the hypothesis that Clemson-Georgia Tech will be a better game than Iowa-Michigan or Nebraska-Texas. Sure people have claimed that they know a guy who works at a hotel in Greenville who claims Gameday booked a block of rooms, that they know someone with Clemson who said extra security was commissioned for the game, but you can’t take any of these claims as fact until Sunday when Gameday will officially announce their next week’s location.

While normal people would just sit back and hope that Gameday shows up, Tigernetters have created a maelstrom of wild speculation and bullshit. You have the zealots posting email addresses and fax numbers for ESPN, a technique that apparently helped sway the Peach Bowl to pick us in 03. Then there are the old farts who are posting stuff like “who CARES about Gameday” and one person actually said “they need us worse than we need them.” Look, I hate the ESPN hype-machine as much as the next guy, but Gameday coming to your campus means millions of people are at least partially focused on you for a large part of their Saturday, and that’s a good thing. It brings a little spotlight to a school that needs it. And as for Gameday needing us, that’s absurd. They’re fueled by the Notre Dames and Southern Cals of the country and don’t need a former ag school in South Carolina for any reason. I’m hoping they come to Clemson, if you aren’t, you’re crazy.

Clemson is not the only school inexplicably starting retarded new fads during games. The University of Georgia started this awful “I’m Georgia” campaign that involves a two-fold plan of attack on the senses. The first involves red towels with I’m Georgia printed on them, rumored to be specially crafted for “gravy soppin” for those tailgate cleanups. The towel is waved over one’s head during games, surely accompanied by some sort of yell. If I see a fat bald man dressed like a tampon with more minibottles on his person than teeth, I don’t need a f*ckin red towel to let me know he’s a Georgia fan. Yeah, that was an insult that can be flung at almost any Southern school, but blow me, it was funny. The other prong of this campaign involves a video on the Sanford screen that’s eerily similar to our awful Zombie Nation video showing our players jumping around to techno music, and not one iota more acceptable. The Sanford video shows coaches and players waving the towel and claiming their identity as a former prison colony. Yeah, you’re Georgia alright.