22 October 2006


Well, a lot of people saw our sign on Gameday, which is what we wanted. Our pageviews went from around 200-300 a day to 1,500 on Saturday and 700 today. Hopefully some people will stick around and enjoy the site. Or hate it but keep visiting, either one. The only upsetting part is that most of the people who decided to comment didn't bother to look at the site description and instead went off on the name of the site. If they'd taken a minute to read before they fired off an angry comment they'd have seen that the name of the site is meant to be a joke. We love Coach Ford, but we are simply playing off of the fact that he is held in such untouchable regard by many Clemson fans. We certainly mean nothing sacreligious by the site name either. Apparently some Arkansas fans used the same (or similar) site name in the past when they were upset with Danny as their coach and were also joking on his legendary status. We've got nothing to do with that, forgive us if we aren't up on Arkansas football fringe website history.
Anyway, hopefully some of our new visitors will take to the site and stick around.