08 January 2007


Please heed the fact that these are, once again, rumors.

It's reported that Rich Rodriguez, former Clemson Offensive Coordinator and current West Virginia head coach has been making phone calls to Clemson Assistant coach Ron West. Apparently Rich Rod needs help with linebackers?

Also, NC State and head coach Tom O'Brien are snatchin up some coaches like a muhfugga. They've gone pillagin across the land and they're pitch forks and torches have come to Clemson, SC. They've got their eye's set on David Blackwell. If we lose him and Dabo Swinney, we're going to be in trouble in the recruiting department. Looks like the entire coaching staff is putting on their swimming trunks and wanting to jump ship if Bowden gets the boot. Or... is it all part of Bowden's plan to keep his job? The old "If I go, they go" deal.

DFIG still searching for some credibility: "Man, we ain't found SHIT!"