19 January 2007


Well, Clemson just got finished being pulverized by UNC, and they looked pretty bad. If your team is not making any three’s, stop shooting more! But, what did we expect, Clemson to beat an extremely talented Heels’ team? I just hoped that they would hang and make it a fun game to watch, but I lost all interest at halftime. The good news is that Boston College’s best defensive player (possibly the country’s best defensive player) was kicked off the team for doing something stupid, so we at least have some hope of winning that one this weekend. Otherwise, here are my random thoughts, enjoy:
  • Big 10 Football was discovered to be overrated, both of their big-time teams got blown out in their BCS bowl games, Ohio State got bitchslapped by Florida and Michigan did not get a happy ending against the real USC. But why? Underpants Gnomes.
  • How has the fat guy on Lost gotten larger since living on a deserted island?
  • So, I was looking into what movies are going to be coming out next summer and the summer will be full of sequels. With the expected ones like SpiderMan 3, Pirates 3, and Die Hard 4, but who in the hell thought it was a great idea to fund a sequel to Alien v. Predator? If they are going to make a garbage film like that, then there is still hope of Zoolander 2.
  • BCS Championship Game? Playoff System? Or Caged Death Match?
  • I read an article on how smoking cigarettes can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Well, duh, if you are dead from smoking, of course you cannot get Alzheimer’s. It’s like saying that juggling chainsaws will help prevent erectile problems, but then again, if you can juggle chainsaws, you should be getting laid constantly and should have no problems getting it up.
  • When was the last time anyone actually watched an NBA game? I can’t.
  • When will the Atlanta Falcons learn that Michael Vick is the most worthless starting QB in the NFL? They claim he needs more time to learn the system, because apparently three years was not enough. And then he got stopped (but not arrested) in the Miami airport for having a secret compartment in his water bottle which reeked of pot. Apparently when asked about the bottle, he folded under pressure and couldn’t throw it away. Ba-da-ching. Also, I thought you had an entourage to take the fall for that sort of thing, especially since he is highest paid player in the league.
  • What ever happened to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? That pink one was hot.
  • The Adam LaRoche (the greatest baseball player in the Universe) Update: Adam or Rochy, depends on how well you know him, was traded by the Atlanta Braves this week to the Pirates for a worthless closer and minor league shortstop. I feel, since I am unbiased about the situation, that the Braves got screwed on this deal. Rochy is worth the entire Pirate’s Major League team and AA team only, not to mention some of their all-time greats, even if they are old as hell. They should have held out for more, but then again, they did break their 14 consecutive Division Championship streak last year, which proves they are run by a bunch of monkeys (so imagine that Careerbuilder commercial except the monkeys are wearing baseball caps and you’ve got the Braves).
  • I always thought that Justin Timberlake was a shmuck until I saw this: