29 January 2007


Look, I'm not judging, but I just saw Willy Mac's list of downloaded/shared music from OiNK (thank's Brad from 12th Manchild for hooking us up), and it looks pretty gay. Other than Loggins, Huey Lewis, and Hall & Oates, of course. I'm not saying it's gay, I'm just saying his downloads should come with AIDS. They're not homo, but you should listen to them while you sip an AZT cocktail. I'm not saying they're effeminate, but they should be listened to on a pink iPod Nano carried in a purse. I'm not saying his music selection is queer, but even Freddie Mercury thinks it's faggoty. I'm not insinuating that Willy Mac has the musical taste of a woman or a homosexual, but someone suggested he download Elton John's greatest hits and he claimed that was, as he said, "overly macho." Again, I'm not judging, but James Blunt says you're a pussy. James Blunt.

Two, count 'em,
two Fiona Apple albums? Dave Matthews? What the hell is this techno shit we can't even pronounce? Michael McDonald not in Doobie Brothers form? Look, I'm not judging, but what the fuck?