22 January 2007


- Do not get Sprint/Nextel. I was on Nextel, and I didn’t like it for these reasons: Bad… Bad.. TERRIBLE service; You could constantly be reached on the two way and it was the most annoying thing every invented for a phone; and it just didn’t let you do as much as you can do with a lot of phones i.e. put songs and pictures on your phone. Nextel definitely caters to companies that do a lot of construction/engineering type of work. Then I switched over to Sprint once my Nextel plan was up. Yet again, bad idea. I don’t like Sprint for the following reasons: You can put like four songs on it but it’s a huge hassle and you can’t use the song as your ring tones; same deal with pictures, whereas you can’t use them as your background or phone ID tags; the ring tones that you have to buy through Sprint are $2.50 a pop and expire after 90 days, trust me, I tried to get around it and I refuse to pay for ring tones that expire; lastly, everything (texting, web, SMS, etc) costs money. They nickel and dime you to death. I do like Sprint, I’d just rather have fun with my phone. Also, called up to switch my account and encounter a little rudeness. I called back, complained, and they shipped me out one of those Bluetooth thingies for free (I’m pretty sure that “thingy” is the appropriate and technical term for the device, although I’m not 100% on that.)

- Chili here. If you want to bypass all that bullshit about paying for ringtones, just get a foreign phone that has quad-band capabilities. The US cellphone market is built on squeezing every last dime from you and making you pay for every stupid like ringer and wallpaper, for the most part. There are a few phones out there that allow you to easily transfer things but I've had more success purchasing quad-band phones from an importer called Dynamism and popping my Cingular SIM card in it. Not only do you not have the same phone (RAZR) as everybody and their mother, there are less DRM restrictions to keep you from customizing your phone. Also, hasn't having "cool" ringtones gotten old yet? Nobody gives a fuck that you have the newest Chamillionaire track as your ringer or that you have maybe some old funk tune for when your grandma Esther calls. A year or so the trend was to have an old fashioned sounding ringer as your ringtone. Maybe the new hotness should be a ringer that just yells at you to pick up the phone.

Well... Well look. I already told you: I deal with the god damned customers so the engineers don't have to. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?

- We’d like to welcome some new sites to our blogroll and links on the sidebar to the right. Among them are the University of Texas rooted Burnt Orange Nation. Next up is Sports Blog Nation who courted Chili and myself recently to join their ranks. Although we felt flattered, we feel that we’d like to remain independent for the time being. Also, a well put together Maryland Terp blog known as Turtle Waxin’ joins us from above the Mason Dixon. Lastly, we've added some more Seminoles in the form of Chant Rant.

- Chili here again, I don't know if maybe we weren't officially part of the ballot or whatever, but the BlogPoll Awards absolutely shat on us this year. We had a ton of votes and weren't even mentioned in the nominees. Not even for best new ACC blog. I mean, what other new ACC blogs are there out there? Exactly. Maybe next year we'll have our correct papers and the BlogPoll won't Indiana Jones "no ticket" us out of the goddamned blimp that is the college sports blogosphere.

- This has got to be said again: we need Clemson fans over at The Rant messageboard. It's nothing but dawgs over there and we need some (Bowden buzzword warning) parity.

- Brad at The 12th Manchild is reporting that UT lawyers are suing a College Station t-shirt store for desecrating the Longhorn logo. Said logo, a silhouette of the famous Bevo, has its horns sawed off and pointed downwards. This is usually accompanied by the phrase “Saw em’ Off!” My take on this is this thing has gotten way out of hand. The lawsuit was filed about a week after the Horns lost to the Ags in November, but as pointed out on The 12th Manchild, the lawsuit has probably been in the works since before the game was even played. It’d be like if USC tried to sue Tiger Town for having shirts that say “Beat the Cocks” or showing caricatures of a Tiger choking a chicken. I know that’s hard to grasp, but it’s in the same ballpark. As a neutral in this fight, I can honestly say that the t-shirts are a neat idea and I don’t see why UT waited so long to sue and pursue a cease-and-desist because the shirts have been around for a few years now.