25 January 2007


Willy Mac:
- American Psycho (Bret Easton Ellis, Vintage Contemporaries, 1991) – If you’ve seen the movie, and haven’t read the book then you need to pick this up. It follows most of the main points the movie, but the story flows better and it has much more to it. By much more, I mean much more gore and insanity. Not saying that Christian Bale did a bad job… he did an excellent job. What I’m getting at is that some of the stuff in the book, you just can’t put in a movie and hope to at least get an R rating. Plus, I don’t think any actor alive could do justice to some parts of the book. I saw the movie about three years ago. I picked up the book two months ago and still found it enjoyable and I also found it a very hard book to put down.
Chili: I brought this book along with me to the Furman O-Line Camp in 2000. Needless to say, I was the only one with such reading material. A great book, great commentary on the "Me Generation" and materialistic solipsism.

- The Nintendo Wii – If you can find one (good luck and countless hours of searching and calling stores), you’ll love it. It’s well worth the search and definitely worth the money. It’s one of the cheapest and funnest game systems on the market coming in at $250. Unlike most systems that are starting to charge $60 a game, Wii holds it down and stays with the previous par of $50. With games like Wii Sports, Zelda, and Rayman Raving Rabbids, it’s hard to put down the wireless controllers that you actually use as a sword/tennis racket/golf club/what have you (don’t forget to use the lanyard, unless you like hurling your controllers across the room, shattering them into pieces). Internet, weather forecaster, and old school game formats are available for download. One down side is the only way to connect to their store/internet stuff is wirelessly, there is no physical internet cable port on the system.
Chili: I was lucky enough to grab one of these things on their release date, and they've only gotten more popular since. Wii Sports and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves are awesome group games, while Zelda: TP offers a great single-player experience.Willy Mac and I will take on anyone in doubles Wii Tennis. Bring it.

- Indy IV - On Jan. 2, 2007, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg announced that they will bring back the Indiana Jones series in a yet unnamed movie due to shoot this June. The movie is set to be released in May of 2008. If they get Sean Connery to reprise his role in this new film, I might just shit a brick. TheRaider.net reported that Connery told a Scottish news publication that he is in fact considering coming out of retirement to do this film. Not really a recommendation, but hey.

- BC Powder - Look, it tastes awful, but it just freaking works. Whether it's a hangover or a non-alcohol related headache, a good powder will get you going. These packets of powerful powder are the main reason I was able to make it to Materials & Methods of Construction at 8 AM half the time.

Update: Also, added to the sidebar is an NC State basketball centered website entitled Section Six. Enjoy.