19 January 2007


The following e-mail was forwarded out to the Clemson University staff and student body:

Dear Clemson:

Later today, we will announce that the Clemson/Florida State football game, our 2007 season opener, will be moved to Labor Day evening for national broadcast by ESPN. We made the decision to move the game at the request of the ACC after carefully considering all of the advantages of the national visibility and excitement that accompanies this Monday night game, along with the disadvantages of managing a high-profile event on a regular class and work day.

One significant advantage is that this move will eliminate any Thursday night games, either at home or away, for the remainder of our 2007 schedule. By coming near the beginning of the semester, it will not interfere with scheduled mid-terms or other events. A third advantage is that we have eight months to plan for the game. I will appoint a task force to develop a game-day management plan that addresses class and lab schedules, office hours, parking and other matters that don't typically arise on a Saturday.

We have a campus full of smart and creative people, and I am certain that you can help us make this opportunity a positive Clemson experience.

James F. Barker, FAIA

Hmm, Monday night game to open the season??? Meh, doesn't matter what day of the week, just so long as we get the W.