03 January 2007


As a reminder, the guys over at MGoBlog are having a blog awards for the college football spectrum.

Please click this link to go to the ballot. You can only vote every 24 hours, but please, vote as much as you can. Simply paste in www.DannyFordIsGod.com into the categories you think we should win.

Obviously since a lot of other blogs out there have cornered the market on other categories and we can't be the best Big Ten blog, we're wanting you to stress us in the following categories: Dr. Z Award, Best New Blog, Chris Berman Antimatter Award, The Old Faithful Award, and Best ACC Blog. The rest of the categories are up to your descretion.

The Chris Berman Antimatter Award is for a popular catch phrase invented over the year and we'd like for you to submit "Frank Beamer's Neck Bubble" by simply typing that in and copypasta the following link as well:


The Old Faithful Award is for a recurring post that has hilarity. We are submitting DSOT. Simply follow the same previous guidelines and don't forget to write "Dumb Shit On Tigernet" and not just DSOT. Copypasta:


For other categories, we would like for you to support our bloggers-in-arms on our sidebar and vote respectively for them

Our votes are as follows:
Best Big Twelve: http://the12thmanchild.blogspot.com/
Best Big Ten: http://runupthescore.blogspot.com/
Best SEC: www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com

Lastly, we gotta holler out to ol' Bill Kristoph from Scalp Em for the The Sports Fans that Don't Cry Award. It's for the blog that had a vomit inducing season, yet managed to put on their smiles and trudge to their seats in the bleachers every Saturday. Copypasta:


Also, if you want to check out the ads on the side of the page, feel free, it helps us out a lot.

Thanks again and don't forget, stay in vegetables and eat your school.