06 September 2007


After arguably one of the crazier weeks in recent college football history, Sambo takes the lead in the race for the scotch. I absolutely faceplanted and was obviously hitting myself in the head with a tac hammer while I was putting in my picks. Thanks Phil Steele, you really F'ed that one up. Don't bail on us yet. As last year proved, sometimes people miss a week or two and it ruins their run. Sam was the only picker to correctly guess the ASU upset of Michigan, just so you know.

This weeks standings:
1) Sambo (14-5)
2) Captain (13-6)
T3) Lyrtch (12-7)
T3) Chili (12-7)
T3) Brad (12-7)
T6) Willy Mac (11-8)
T6) NoleCC (11-8)
T6) Seigler (11-8)
9) Tully (10-9)

Don't forget to pick this week. And no, we're not changing the spread format. You've got to earn our love... and our alcohol. We don't just want you copying the expert picks.