23 September 2007


Seigler's take:

On Saturday Clemson demolished the Wolfpack by a score of 42 to 20. If it weren't for a few questionable calls by the referees and some terrible reviews from that goon in the review booth, it would have been a larger separation in points.

Hello dual rushing attack, nice to see you again, I thought you might have left us this season, but I'm overjoyed to see that you're just as effective as ever.

Too many penalties. How many TD's were lost and turned into field goals because someone got called for holding during a break away play? Too many.

Luxurious, beaded hair and blazing fast return skills? What doesn't Blackman have?

Defense looked better, still not great, but five interceptions is always nice. The sacks were nice too. Kick coverage got punched in the mouth early, and it was depressing. Things looked to have improved later in the game, but for the most part I'm still skeptical. There is no excuse for letting a mediocre kick returner run one back 99 yards on you. How many missed tackles were there? Jacoby Ford, you were faster than that kid, why didn't you push him out of bounds instead of trying to just drag him down?

Schedule gets tougher next week, though GA Tech looked not so hot against Virginia last week. Our rush defense better be focusing on better tackling.

Other than a few things I noticed, overall this was a good game. Two backs with more than 100 yards, more than 600 yards of total offense, and Harper STILL hasn't thrown an interception. This was a win we needed to sort of prove to ourselves, and the skeptics that we just might be the real deal.This was our last gimme game for a while, but if we continue our somewhat balances attack, and our defense really steps up, then we should have nothing to worry about.