11 September 2007


Cullen Harper is clearly a scholar of Lorraine Peterson's seminal treatise on awesomeness. The cover appears to feature a young John Tesh lecturing to the cast of a Sunny D commercial.

- Cullen Harper was named the ACC Offensive Back of the Week for his record-setting outing versus Louisiana-Monroe. After two weeks, only 5 of the 12 ACC teams have had members named All-ACC for any of the six categories. Interestingly, UNC -- 1-1 barely beating James Madison and losing to ECU -- has had 3 players named All-ACC, tied with far better teams BC and GT for most players selected at this point. Clemson has had 2 and UVa has had 1 player named All-ACC for the week.

- One-man Katamari ball James Davis has reiterated his preseason statements that he is almost assuredly going to return for his senior year. In most people's estimation he would be the top running back up for draft after his senior year. Davis states that the only way he'll go pro after this, his junior year, is if he will be a top-3 running back entering the draft, a feat unlikely considering some of the other RBs out there. Davis states his former teammate Gaines Adams' decision to stay for his senior year, a decision that proved prudent and lucrative for the DE, as reason for his desire to complete 4 years in Clemson.

- Davis also is on the record as wanting to see more Willy Korn in the Clemson backfield, but not at the expense of Harper. "I think coach (Tommy Bowden) has to find a way to get that guy on the field some kind of way,” Davis said. “You have to use him as something.” The Extreme Korn Report is reportedly extremely excited and neon about this idea.

- Vic Koenning wants you to tackle a bitch. Tired of players missing tackles in attempting to deliver big hits, Coach Vic is preaching fundamentals. "Wrapping up, stepping on their toes, keeping good bases, keeping their face up, and you’ve got to emphasize those fundamentals," Vic was quoted as saying. Interestingly, this was nearly identical to the first sex advice I ever received. Koenning counted 19 critical missed assignments against La-Monroe, a level of error that would've buried the team against a better opponent.

- Bowden warns Tigers to avoid a Michigan-like screwup. It's important to reiterate this, but seriously, no way this game is close. If Furman is within 10 points I'll eat my shoe.